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Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.

You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the SACE, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions.

Learners Permit Course

LEARNERS PERMIT - $150.00 (including GST)
  • Term 2, Week 9 – Mon 22/6, Tues 23/6 & Wed 24/6 (TEST DAY)
  • Term 2, Week 10 - Mon 29/6, Tues 30/6 & Wed 1/7 (TEST DAY)
  • Term 3, Week 2 - Mon 27/7, Tues 28/7 & Wed 29/7 (TEST DAY)
The Flexicentre Motor Vehicle Learners Permit course provides students with 3 days of driver and vehicle awareness training that includes road rules and regulations, understanding traffic patterns and weather and situational awareness in a range of settings.
Students participate in mock testing, scenario based learning exercises and group work in completing a fully accredited South Australian Learners Permit.
Eligible students will complete all required testing in line with Service SA standards, and can obtain their South Australian Learners Permit from Service SA upon successful completion of the program.

CDW Studios Ongoing Online FREE Educational Content

The ongoing educational content that is available online, at CDW Studios YouTube channel. It is full of video content that is instructional and also informative.
Each week they run two segments that you may want to watch.

Simon Says, is a two hour tutorial on Digital painting - start from Episode one and follow along.

The Art Show is part interview and part live demo. Simon, Director and founder of CDW Studios, interviews an internationally renowned artist each week, while they do a live demo and answer questions from the viewers. 

YouTube link

5 quizzes that’ll help narrow down your Uni preferences

Stumped on what to study after high school? Welcome to Planet Overwhelmed. Population: all of us.

If you’re almost finished high school, picking a tertiary pathway can feel like a blur of Uni Open Days, looming UAC deadlines and late night Google searches. Because let’s be real –narrowing down thousands of undergraduate options to find a compatible course and campus, is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ve had to make so far.
In order to give your brain the chill space it needs to do other important things – like er, study for the HSC – we’ve dug up five quizzes designed to help you find a degree that fits. Match a pathway with your extra-curricular interests and discover which of our e-mags is the right resource for you!
And if you don’t get the ATAR needed to get into your first few preferences? There are loads of awesome alternative pathways that don’t involve heading to Uni.

Which area of science should I study?
Stuck between Chemistry, Physics or Biology? We'll help you break it down and match you to your perfect degree. Best of all? There's so many different careers to choose from, no matter what you get!
Which area of tech should you study?
Unsure what you'd like to study in tech? This quiz is sure to help with tips on what to look for from degrees, and job areas to explore - tailored to you!

Which area of engineering should you study?
If you're interested in engineering, you're not limited in your career or study choices! Take this quiz and we'll tell you where to start searching for your perfect engineering degree.
The ultimate maths careers quiz: Which area of maths should I study?
If you're confused about where maths careers can take you, you're not alone! This maths careers quiz will help you narrow down your skills and aspirations to an area of maths study that you'll excel in.

Which Careers with STEM issue is for you?
Find out which Careers with STEM back issue would provide the best careers resources for you.

By Cassie Steel June 27, 2020 Careers with STEM

CSIRO 2020 Virtual Work Experience Program

Virtual work experience allows students to undertake collaborative, group science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) projects, including projects linked to real-world CSIRO research and industry challenges. Instead of students attending a CSIRO site, experienced CSIRO staff or STEM industry professionals will supervise groups of students remotely using a secure online platform. The groups will comprise up to five students who may be remote from each other and who will work together to compete work and tasks that can be used as part of portfolios and help inform their study and/or career plans.
To be eligible to do virtual work experience with CSIRO, students must be:
  • in year 10 or 11, and aged 15-17 years for the duration of the work experience
  • enrolled in a school in Australia
  • able to commit to the designated days between July and December 2020
  • be supported by a teacher, parent or other approved adult in their physical location throughout their work experience project.
For further information and How to apply go to